Wednesday, March 5, 2014

OLW: Well-Ordered

Last year I participated in the one litlle word project and it reinforced the idea that what we put our energy and attention into grows.  That is why the plants on my porch are dead. Seriously, the focus on one word has helped me make changes mentally and physically. My word brave helped my naivgate personal and professional challenges last year.

My one little word thisnyear is well. In January I focused on remaining well-grounded. I celebrated being well-loved and loving well in February devoting attention to my family.  My intention for March is to be well-ordered.  No, this is not where I turn over a new leaf and develop a compulsive cleaning disorder like the one afflicts my mom and her sisters yet seemly skipped my duaghter and I. Well-ordered is more about how I want to live my life. 

Living a well-ordered life means that I take the steps for self-care. Why is it that we abandon the most important components of self-care when life gets crazy? Although I think those crazy events happen to teach us valuable lessons about taking care.  After my fasting debacle two weeks ago, I found a place that can  do my bloodwork on Saturdays and made a decision to book my bloodwork appointment right after my endo visit rather than doing what I typically do which is make one two weeks before. I need to make create and manage systems that make my life well-ordered. 

As a person with a chronic disease order matters. Monitoring my blood sugar, monitoring my food choices, and scheduling my exercises are all choices that keep me well physiologically. They are part of the order needed in my life. Writing and participating in the SOLSC are components of that order.  Carving time to write is a finite step toward self-care. Work can consume us, but to remain well-ordered in spite of It all, makes all and ultimately one well.


  1. I LOVE your OWL post. It's great that you focus on one word each month. And we all need self-care with a crazy life or not. Your post is very inspirational.

  2. So important that taking care of ourselves. Had to chuckle at the compulsive cleaning line.

  3. I hope you get this mastered so you that you can tell me the secret at the end of the month. Just today I was frustrated with how poorly-ordered I currently am. (And I do mean cleaning as well as your definition of order!) Last week I threatened to fire my secretary because of the lack of order. You're right, it is important. I think I'm currently participating in so many challenges in an attempt to be ordered and balanced. I fear it will be live-long endeavor. I'm glad you've made this a priority. I need you to be well when I come to visit!


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