Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Who I Am!

Three hundred ninety-one posts later, it’s hard to believe I first participated in the Slice of Life Story Challenge SOLSC 2023 on March 1st,  2012, over a decade ago.

It’s my ninth year participating, of which, I’ve met the challenge goal of posting ever single day in March 8 times and missed the mark one year. I’ve always had the intention of writing weekly on Tuesdays throughout the year, but fall short. My most prolific year was 2014. My favorite posts to write are The Sunday Seven, where I reflect on my gratitude for the week.

I’ve had the joy of writing with teacher friends, Lee Ann Spillane , Lee, Kyle, Kristin, and Erin, and my college students, and I’ve participated with ninth grade students with the classroom challenge. I’ve even had the joy of writing with my daughter with her blog. I prefer reading over writing, which is why I love the commenting aspect of the challenge. I’ve provided tech support and been part of the welcome wagon. I’ve also had the joy of meeting up with slicers at NCTE. I don’t write for an audience, but love when my writing resonates with others. I like crafting a writing plan for the month because I need the planned-for since the unplanned often pops up routinely in education and life. I consider my posts first draft writing. 

Thank you to Stacey Shubitz and the SOL team for their work hosting this challenge! I look forward to the  writing ahead!


  1. Beth, it is good to connect with you. It is hard to believe that I have not met up with you in the8 past years of being in this challenge. As we speak, I am waiting for my 5 year old and 3 year old to pop through the door. They are here for 5 days of grandparent sitting so squeezing in writing time maybe challenging this first week. Let's see. I like that you provided your readers with a quick glance at who you are. Of the people you mentioned, I know LeeAnn Spillane. We met at Two Writing Teachers years ago and chatted with each other at various conferences. Happy Writing.

  2. 391 posts, woohoo! It's something to see that total number! I'm flabbergasted when I think of the years I've been blogging (some more than others, haha), and now you've gotten me curious about my total post count! I'm interested in the fact that you consider yourself more of a reader - so glad you're stretching your writing muscles too then! :-) I can't wait for my daughter to get old enough to write with me; that must be an amazing connection! Welcome back! :-)

  3. Welcome back! Thanks for the intro. Congrats on your ninth year. I'm so envious that you've blogged with friends. I've never had that opportunity, but many slicers have become my friends!

    1. This is Ramona from Pleasures from the Page.

  4. Love it! And I'm tickled to see that we both wrote about slicing. And we're off again... happy adventuring, Beth!

  5. It's always fun to be back in the daily habit of writing. I'm always curious to see where it will take me. Good luck to you across these 31 days!


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