Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Seven

Taking time each week to reflect on the goodness in my life.

7.  The opportunity and ability to afford my child participation in and exposure to the arts.  I don't perceive myself as an artist, but as an art supporter.  Just like voting is a learned behavior, I think supporting the arts is as well.  It costs money to go to the ballet, a Broadway show etc.  I am thankful for the means to do so.  We enjoyed our opportunity to go to The Little Mermaid.  Next up in May, Matilda.

6. An evening laughing with friends. Laughter is truly the best medicine.

5.  My Sunday morning exercise accountability partner.  I have been meeting my friend and coworker Jen every Sunday morning for exercise for several years now.  In early years it was running in prep for a half-marathon.  As of the late, it has been just walking.  We review the week and make work plans.  This morning with spring forward, it would have been easy to skip. She made it less so.

4.  Co-workers who care about kids and give up a Saturday, unpaid to make a difference.

3. A relatively pain-free testing day/week.  I am sure that the people who make these rules don't appreciate the scope of the work nor the impact.  On Monday we tested over 1900 concurrently for the FSA ELA Writing portion of the computer-based test. There are so many moving parts to make this happen. Our learning community responded to the challenge.   We also had another big test scheduled concurrently this week. It could have been dicely. Our final numbers for just the writing portion were 2055 kids.  Our next round starts after spring break.

2. Access to quality healthcare, especially because I have a preexisting condition & a chronic disease.

1.  Spring forward!  As hard as it is adjusting to this time change, I love the extra light at night.  I don't care why it exists. I am just glad it does so I can stay outside and play later.  I just remember to drive with more care.  It's dark. Although I will miss my am sunrise view on my way to work, I might actually be able to enjoy while not driving.


  1. Love your Sunday Seven - Is this something you do every week? My favorites are #s 7 and 6. Laughter truly is the best medicine and laughter with friends is the best!

    1. It is something I do each week for SOLSC. But think it would be one of the easiest ways to keep posting at least once week all year.

  2. This is such a fabulous idea! You've inspired me to think of what I am grateful for this week. I can't help but think the world might be a happier place if everyone took the time to do that instead of dwelling on all the things that have gone wrong. I especially loved #7. I need to take advantage of opportunities to expose my own kids to the arts. Thank you for sharing your Sunday Seven!

  3. I love your weekly gratitude focus... really gets the week off to a positive start!

  4. I do love this idea of weekly reflection and gratitude. I love your #7. The arts are so important to me and I love being able to enjoy them myself and share them with my kids. Yesterday marked 1 month until my oldest & I will go see Hamilton which we are both super excited about =)

  5. Beautiful Sunday for you,,,Happy Spring forward!!!!!

  6. What a good idea to ground yourself in gratitude. I think I'll try this.

  7. What a good idea to ground yourself in gratitude. I think I'll try this.


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