Friday, March 31, 2017

Food for Thought: Feeding the Writer

This is my sixth time that I have completed the SOLSC.  What does that mean?  I wrote each day for 31 days straight.  I devoted at least an hour to making this happen.  As part of the SOLSC community, I commented on a minimum of three other writers each day too.  During this sixth go-around, I never felt stressed that I wouldn't get a post done.  During my 1st year, I always did.  The hard part is carving the path.  The last five years I have been easier because I know I can finish. I likened it to my first half marathon.  I have done one so I know I could do one.  The difference between SOLSC and a half is that I have no intention of ever doing one again.  I will, however, be back next year.

I love reading other teacher-writers.  I follow my friends and throughout the years various friends have joined the challenge.  I also love to read other people I perhaps will never meet, but their words connect us.  Their words inspiration me to write. Their words teach me about the writing craft.

I also love who stops by.  I don't specifically write for an audience. I am always surprised by who reads my blog and lets me know face-to-face how my words resonate with them.  There are also the likes on Facebook, the comments here and there by friends whom I haven't seen for years.  There are comments by people in the SOLSC whom I never have and never will meet.  I appreciate your time and response.

As I think about what is next for me as a writer, I have to challenge myself. The past year (2016) ended up being my least bountiful writing year. I know why. I have to work my writing muscles like I do my other muscles. All March, I kept thinking about how to keep the writing momentum going. Perhaps my themed posts will be a better way for me to write more consistently this year.  My short-term goal is a post each week.

Thanks for taking time to read my posts.  Thanks for the hosts of the SOLSC for committing weekly to this community and dedicating yourself to March for both teacher-writers and student-writers. It matters! It makes a difference!  Thank you most of all for feeding me as a writer and as a teacher of writers.

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  1. It is also my sixth year and it helped that I had finished before and knew I could finish again. This year I didn't spend the day struggling to find something to write. I learned that if I just start writing, I may delete a couple times but I WILL come up with something if I just keep writing.
    I have never done a half and don't think I ever will--now, THAT's impressive.


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