Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Break Resolutions

Invariably I always dedicate one SOLSC post to my spring break resolutions or plans. (A more ambitious post here with my spring break A-Z list or my most simple to-do.) It officially starts at 3:30 tomorrow although my kid's break starts tomorrow, we have a teacher workday.  I love a workday.  It is time to get some stuff done.

10.  Make the appointments that I need to make. Something I can easily accomplish.
9.    Spring cleaning--I've got books to go through and toys to donate.
8.    Go to the Dali museum in St. Petersburg, FL and see the Frida Kahlo exhibit.
7.    Enjoy the disconnect that camping will bring.
6.    Be proactive with planning and grading.
5.    Workout daily.
4.     Hang out with family.
3.     Work on my taxes and get them extension proof.
2.     Binge-watch something with my kid.  (Any suggestions?)
1.     Be still and sleep in!

What will you do for spring break?


  1. I think your list is the best mix possible of fun and preparation to ease your mind! I will be home during spring break (6 more teaching days!) and trying some day trips, helping mom with garden plans and sleeping in!

  2. Great list with lots of different activities. A great balance between serious stuff like taxes and binge watching. Enjoy!

  3. This is an awesome list - may I borrow? I often find myself lost during a long break - but this list is perfect.

  4. I hope it's okay if I borrow this idea, too! What a great list...I'm envious of the museum visit! Sounds fabulous! And the sleeping in, of course...isn't that just a wonderful thing? :)


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