Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Seven

Taking time each week to reflect upon the goodness.

7.  A day of learning at ECET2.  Spending the time with teachers, building connections with new-to-me passionate dedicated teachers of all levels. Time to teach the kids in front of us seems to be our common issue.

6.  Enjoying the morning at the Dali Museum and  the Frida Kahlo exhibit that is currently there.  The first time that I saw Dali's work, I was amazed by the scale of his master works.  I still am.  I think that is the difference between seeing pictures of paintings and actually seeing them.

5.  A clean desk.  One of the things that I like about a teacher work day is the opportunity to take care of things without so many interruptions.  I will go back to work with a clean organized desk.  Don't underestimate that power.

4.  All my  papers are graded....for now.  In the digital age, my students can turn in papers 24/7, but they had spring break last week so I was able to catch up.  My inbox is empty for now.

3. My husband, the designated driver.  Whenever we have trips, he drives and I read.  It works.  Yesterday, however, our typically 2 hour trip to St. Petersburg was a lot longer on the road I like to call I-Fear.  It's spring break.  We invariably have to pass Disney.  I am just glad he drives, I read.

2. Making memories with my family. It was my mom's 70th birthday yesterday. We surprised her
with a dinner party. She was truly surprised wondering why I didn't even call her on my birthday even though she knew I was "working."  A surprise well-pulled off!

1. I get to sleep in tomorrow!  It's spring break.


  1. Great to see you!!!! Love this!!!!

  2. Wonderful list. I love how you counted backwards. And happy sleeping in to you tomorrow.


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