Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring into Saturday: Jam-Packed

Some Saturdays require you to spring into stillness.  This Saturday was not one of them. This Saturday was jam-packed hence my usually late Saturday post.  We started the morning with a "fun"run. I've reached the age where fun and run just rhyme for me, fun isn't the appropriate adjective to describe a run.  I just move because I have no other choice. I don't hate it. I accept my current state. The run was for a good cause,  funding a scholarship for a student at my high school. My kid was awake at 6:30 with the anticipation of it.  She and a friend "ran" it.  I walked although the most fun parts were when I put the chase on my kid and her friend. No way did they want me passing them.  We were done by 9.  We enjoyed breakfast together. I then ran a ton of errands.

Later we headed the siren's song as she and I went to see matinee performance of The Little Mermaid. We had orchestra seats.  Up close and amazing our first time in the pit.  She was worried as she had read that it had bad reviews.  We weren't disappointed.  It was our 3rd show since October.  We went to the ballet Dracula in October and then saw Wicked in January.  We are luck to live in a city that has great arts opportunities. We are planning to see Matilda in May.

Sunday will require some stillness. The beach, however, is calling me name and I have book club.  I need to resist the ocean's call and get ready for non-stop week ahead.  That's how I perform best. It's easy to get side-tracked by all the fun.  Hope you had an amazing Saturday too!

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