Friday, March 17, 2017

Food for Thought: Hot Spots for Spring Days

For my central Florida readers, it's spring break and a great time to try something new.   For potential visitors to Orlando one day, there are magical places to eat that won't swallow your whole wallet.  Here are some local places that are great spots to linger, but won't break your bank.

1.  Breakfast at Sugar Daddy's.  I recommend the Kolach, a stuffed bun.  I prefer a savory rather than a sweet breakfast and these eastern European buns, ham and swiss, smoked sausage and cheddar or my favorite apricot and brie certainly fit the bill. There might be some controversy over the name, but I know that most cultures have some kind of handpie/bun, savory or sweet.  My daughter loves the cinnamon buns here. What is super cool about this place it that you can see how they repurposed a bank into a bakery.  Yes, there is a drive-thru, but the vault is still there too.  It's a place to linger over coffee.

2. Lunch at Se7en Bites:  Honestly, breakfast, lunch or dessert will suffice here. My husband likes to take home the salted caramel pie.  I prefer the biscuit with their pimento cheese, egg, and ham.  It can get really busy here during the weekends and they are only open until about 3 pm.  You order at the counter and then it's brought to you tableside.  You might need to sit at the community table, but it's worth it. I love their orange blossom ice-tea.  They  are some regular items on the menu, but the surprise is what will be featured on the weekend.

3 Dinner at the Gnarly Barley.  Don't be dissuaded by the tiny building. The back has a porch and picnic seating, perfect for a spring eve hangout.  This place is all about the brisket and the beer. The sandwiches are huge here so I recommend the mom's special where you get a side and 1/2 of a sandwich.  The beer menu is extensive here too.

Happy Eats!

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