Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fortunately, Unfortunately My Workout

I took a bunch of nature photos this weekend
 so I could have one each day for my Slice Posts
this month.

When the writing is tough, I pull to a formula of sorts. This post is inspired by Remy Charlip's Fortunately.  I have written in the past with this format and it helps the words flow.   Enjoy!

Fortunately I got to workout tonight!
Unfortunately, when I got there my trainer said, "No Weights-All Week!"
Fortunately, I had the courage to say, "Should I just go home?"
Unfortunately, he told me to do my thing and stay!
Fortunately, I did.
Unfortunately, he was not leading our workout tonight.
Fortunately, they were guest trainers from another state!
Unfortunately, they may never have to lead me again.
Fortunately, they made us start by running two laps.
Unfortunately, almost 47 and plagued with tendinitis that is not how I warm up.
Fortunately, as people blazed past me, I felt comfortable doing my thing aka warm up walking/jogging.
Unfortunately, they were assigning groups based on when we came in.
Fortunately, they were heterogeneous groups.
Unfortunately,  they were groups of 3 for competitive games against other teams.
Fortunately, my group members were actually my workout compadres who know me well.
Unfortunately, they made us add another person, a stranger.
Fortunately, she ended up being cool.
Unfortunately, there were more laps.
Fortunately, I still did my thing.
Unfortunately, I did more running than I wanted.  
Fortunately, I have plenty of ice and ALEVE and crutches if needed at home.
Unfortunately, we got a point for our team for every set we completed.
Fortunately, my skill-set for other rep components made up for my running speed.
Unfortunately, we had 60 total minutes of sweating!
Fortunately, the 60 minutes of amazing ended.
Unfortunately, I will be back on Thursday to sweat again.
Fortunately, my trainer will be back.
Unfortunately, I am icing as I write.
Fortunately, I will be back on my feet moving again.


  1. While I do love that book and this structure (you know I do), I can't get behind this idea: " I have plenty of ice and ALEVE and crutches if needed at home." ... no bueno. Getting stronger should not hurt us.

  2. I love this structure. I think I'll try it this month.

    Sounds like a heck of a work out! You did it!

  3. Wow - I love this format - going to search for the books right now! (good luck recuperating!)

  4. Love this format and may have to borrow it at some point this month! Sounds like a rough workout, but hopefully it was worth it!!

  5. Crutches! Oh noes. Appreciating the nature photos too.

  6. Crutches! Oh noes. Appreciating the nature photos too.


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