Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The Wishing Tree at the Dali
This post is inspired by fellow slicer Beverly Baird's post as I am struggling to write tonight.  
Looking Around At...
-spots on the carpet that I obviously missed when vacuuming
-a stack of Just Dance discs to put away
-a pile of books to give away
-what to write
-what to pack
-what springs we can hop into on our drive northwest
-how to embed into html on my blog
-how my daughter and her friends interact
-how to give my daughter opportunities to be indepedent
-a failed donut recipe that I acted as the assist
-a plan for our camping 
-some clutter-free spaces
-other people's blogs for writing inspiration
-student papers
-The Girl in the Spider Web
-The Sun is Also a Star

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  1. I enjoyed this format! So many connections and points of tenderness.


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