Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Math Autobiography

When the words are tough and I am drawing a blank, I use the inspiration from the other bloggers hence my math autobiography today.  Inspired by Terierrol and Leah.

1 artificial pancreas attached to me
2 housemates aka my daughter and my husband
3 nights camping planned for me
4 siblings in my family and 4 nephews too
5 days a week that I work out
6 loads of laundry to fold
7 7-11s that I pass on my 12 mile route to work.
8 legs of my 2 cats, Fanny2boots and Jinx
9 days left in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge
10 years adjuncting at UCF
11 states left to visit
12 dozen eggs in my fridge waiting to remade
13  the age of my daughter, a newly minted teen
14 the number of my volleyball jersey
15 my allotted carb serving
16 items in my Amazon shopping cart
17 years of marriage to be celebrated in May
18 the age when I voted in my first Presidential election
19 the age when I went to my first concert in Gainesville possibly Cheap Trick
20 books or more in my TBR pile
21 my age when my dad died
22 the number of blog posts that I have written this year including today
23 the age that I bought my first brand new car
24 the number of years that I have been teaching and the date of my birth in April


  1. "16 items in my Amazon shopping cart" made me laugh. My cart is like that too, by times!

    Great format ... I need to try this!

  2. Love this format, need to try it out during one of the 9 days left!

  3. Love this format, need to try it out during one of the 9 days left!


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