Thursday, March 6, 2014

Parenting Woe!

My daughter had her Santa-wish fulfilled this past Christmas. She got an I-pod touch. She's ten. We talked long and hard about why she needed it. As a family we shared an I-pad and a desktop computer. She was adamant about wanting her own tech space.  She likes listening to audiobooks. Many kids listen to music and she will play an audiobook in her room instead as backnoise. She will even listen to a book over and over after she's finished reading and listening to the book. She has a huge personal library so access to books isn't the issue. For this and other reasons, she got one.

I thought an I-pod would allow her to fully utilize our library's phenomenal virtual resources including audiobooks, magazines, and the e-books. She has. Right now she is reading her I-pod in bed. I thought an I-pod would allow her to maintain a relationship with her cousins in New Zealand and other family members. It has. She Facetimes. She texts. The irony is that she can't text me due to my outdated  phone. She uses all the the web-enabled apps wherever there is free wifi. She is responsible. What I  did not anticipate was how this small tool would push her a little more to independence pushing the tech middle man, the mediator, me out.


  1. I totally understand! My 10 year old also had an Ipod. I love watching her when she is communicating with her friends using an app. I learn from her every day. Love watching Abbie and her friends teach each other new things when they come over! :)

  2. Recently my 9 year old son had a friend over. My son has a kindle. His friend had a device too. As soon as he walked in the door he asked for our wireless password so they could play minecraft. My how things have changed from when we were kids.


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