Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break Blues

Although spring break is over officially at 5:00 am tomorrow, I did reach some of my short term goals.   I almost finished my taxes. I read and wrote every day. I almost exercised each day.  My daughter did clean out her room over the course of two days without my help.  I did paint my toenails, sleep in, and hang out with friends.  I didn't develop a model lesson plan, set up my tumbler, scan old photos, or make an infographic. Despite not achieving some of my spring break goals, I did accomplish the important things such as spending time with my family.  I discovered that I am still the queen of the hoops despite my knee injury and age.  Yesterday we had tornadic rainstorms and so went my day at the beach, but it would have been my second day at the beach this week.  There is always a slight let-down going back to work, but I know that I am a better caretaker of myself when I work.  An order to my life exists in the frenetic energy of work. I work out more and eat better.  Even so, I will be sad to leave the best part of Florida weather, the spring, behind. Work beckons once again.


  1. I love: "I almost exercised each day." Congrats on what you accomplished!

  2. I understand the need to be on a schedule. When I'm not at work, I feel like I spend the whole day eating. But giving up that complete freedom is difficult. I hope you have a great week!

  3. How advanced is your toenail painting? Can they act as your infographic? ;)


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