Friday, March 7, 2014

Bored? Games!

Although my dad passed away over 22 years ago, I can still hear him mockingly say, "Easy...easy"  reading the question to a Trivial Pursuit card. He really actually knew all the answers. I grew up playing games. Pick-up sticks endlessly in 5th grade. UNO, Battleship, Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, and never-ending games of Scrabble in college.

We have running High, Low, Jack card game in my family. Currently I am tied with my mom. In 2012 I ended up as the champ and sooner than later was dethroned.  I learned how to play when I was ten with my great-grandfather and grandparents. My daughter is not quite interested yet, but invariably she sits at my side  when we play at family gatherings. 

My daughter is currently obsessed with Charoodles.  My aunt indulged her once by playing it with her for two hours. It's a game she has been obsessed with for the past two years. I'm thankful for my family who willingly plays with her although we've used and memorized each and every one of the cards. At our gathering in October we made cards  We laughed and laughed as each person acted out the cards including my youngest Florida nephew who interspersed the downtime with magic tricks.

My brother-in -law and husband are always up for a round of Cranium Turbo with their mother-in-law, my mom. You never know what memory will be branded on your brain when we play, but it will always be surrounded by laughter.

At Christmas, jacks in my mother's stocking captured everyone's attention. After a 55-year hiatus from her jacks career, my mom dominated everyone with her signature inside-out handswipe move. Three generations huddled on the floor for hours trying to usurp the queen of jacks will be forever emblazoned on my brain.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to introducing my family to two new games, Would You Rather? courtesy of my sister and my personal favorite, Quiddler. What will continue to stick with me are the laughs, long after the games are put away.How will you spend time with your family this weekend. Bored? Perhaps a dose of games will do.


  1. Wow! You just brought back a flood of memories for me. We love board games, too, and were raised on them. Inspiration!

  2. Someday I may dethrone your mom as the jacks queen!!!1

  3. I love Board games! We haven't had a game night here this school year, but there have been several since I've been in Japan and there are always lots of laughs with my local "family." But this weekend, I will be playing my other favorite game. Not really a board game, but I will hang out with friends and enjoy.

    But this summer, I want to play Jacks!

  4. I have never heard of Charoodles, although I am finding it fun to say that name. It's great when games connect us, and create ties across generations. Will that still be the case when all the kids are playing apps? I think we lose something visceral when that shift happens. Apps don't have the same staying power as a box of game, which can sit and collect dust for years, get pulled out and it's like no time passed at all. Or maybe that is the old fogey in me.

  5. I loved reading this, fun filled with nostalgia and familial competition. Our family plays games too. Cribbage is our running game. . .

  6. Love your gaming family! We have Scrabble and Gin Rummy runs going at our house. You remind me to pick up the cards and sit together for a while.

  7. Oh I have such a connection to your post, my mom is the queen of jacks and we can always be found playing a card game or two. The favorite of the boys dice or penny poker. Our kiddos play too, the joyous laughter and arguments bring such a clan together creating memories! Thanks for the smile.


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