Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Poetry Percent

It is National Poetry Month coming up and we have our high school's annual Poetry Slam produced by my colleague and friend Lee Ann Spillane and the Poetry Club. My grand plan as reading coach is to set up Friday lunch poetry workshops featuring opportunities to craft book spine poems, blackout poems and more.  I also revisiting my favorite poets' (Sara Holbrook & Michael Salinger) professional books, Practical Poetry, High Definition, and Outspoken, this week to pull together what we will do on the other Fridays. Most days in April I will be proctoring the over 2000 reading tests and then the other EOC and AP exams so these Fridays will be an oasis for me. I am also eagerly awaiting my copy of High Impact, their most recent work.

Here is my percent poem inspired by Practical Poetry.

100% Me: Before Hope & LADA

25% Teacher
25% Frisbee
0% Blonde Creature
5% Ice Cream
20% Reader
2% Dream
10% Gym Rat
10% Research
0% Doormat
3% Swimmer

To sum it up, you will see
equals 100% me.

100% Me Now

20%  Coach
  1% Professor without reproach
   5%  Ultimate
20%     Reader, consumate
    .005%  Runner
  2% LADA stunner
10% Gladiator
  4% Friend, mediator
  5% Camper
.995% Chip Monster sampler
30%  Mom & family things
  2% Mermaid of the springs

To sum it up, you will see
equals 100% me.


  1. This is so interesting! I've never seen a piece of writing like this! Thanks for the inspiration -- I'm already thinking about how I would be distributed.... :)

  2. Unique way to create information about us, students will find enjoyable.

  3. I enjoyed your poem. It puts.a new spin on the I am from poems! ;)

  4. I have High Impact and it's on my 2014 Resolutions list, and I still haven't started it. Let me know when you start and that'll inspire me to start. Maybe we can exchange our opinions/ideas. I love the idea of Friday lunch poetry. I should plan something for my office for Poetry month. Thanks for the inspiration!


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