Sunday, March 9, 2014

Book Club: A Decade of Meeting

Tonight was book club. I realized this month that I have been meeting with this book club for ten years.  My daughter was 6 months old when this book club started. She is now 10. Sometimes an unofficial member.  Last month she came and sat at the table with us rather than reading unobtrusively in the corner as she usually does.  It was for the stories as she shared with me later.

Book club is made up of teacher friends and ultimate friends. We range in age from the seventies to the twenties. We contract and expand, but we have our core. We don't have rules. We want you to come even if you haven't read the book. All of these years what has mattered most is the sharing of life and loss. The books come and go. Some are worth talking about. Some not. I am not sure where we will all be in another decade, but this month we'll be reading The Sound of Wild Snails Eating.


  1. I do miss the book club! I like to think of myself as on a hiatus, not "out of" the club. :)

  2. I belonged to a book club, much like the one you describe here, about 12 years ago. I loved the camaraderie, the food and the talk, some about the book for that month, and some about other things. I have not been able to replicate that though there are a few people out there I could see starting a book club with. Maybe that could be my next project...

  3. Glad to know the next title! I love how you all rotate who picks it.


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