Sunday, March 23, 2014

Summer Plans?

Have you started to think about your summer plans yet? Today I just made some. I know that I will be working, but  I always must escape to the woods to completely disconnect.  I just made some plans to head to Elkmont in the Smoky Mountain NP.  I camp almost every summer with my family and some friends. In Elkmont there is no cell phone access, no wifi, and definitely no screen time.  We laze in our hammocks and read.  We hike, raft, and float.  When I play my cards right or plan well in advance, we get the tent sites that back up to a small stream and are off the road.  It makes a great play area for my daughter.  I was able to secure those sites today. Yeah!

I am also contemplating going to the Friends for Life conference for my personal learning and I know that I will spend weekdays spring hopping, soaking in the icy blue springs under the shade of live oaks finding relief from the hot Florida sun.

What do you like to do during the summer?



  1. We used to go camping in WV with my college roommate and her family, but we haven't been in years. I miss the time in the woods.

  2. Your summer plans sound amazing. It's been such a cold winter I haven't thought about summer plans yet..but I will now.

  3. I suppose my summer will look a bit different this year, but I still hope there will be a week when I can come down to Orlando and visit my friends. (Don't make me come trekking through woods to find you!)


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