Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Sunday Seven

 Taking time to reflect on the good of the week.

7. Spring break! Need I say more!

6. My team of teachers. I know it's been a tough year for my teacher peeps near and far. But we have survived the past two years of the pandemic. We've survived together it's not been easy, but we have risen to the challenges together and that’s how we survive. 

5. My daughter's water polo coach. He's dedicated to the team and found ways for kids to swim when most pools were closed. This week is our first time off since Christmas. It’s great to have a week off, we will still swim. 

4. My carpool buddies- I've carpooled to work off and on since 2003. I've done it more religiously over the past 2 years and have even taken the train once. It pays off at the pump.

3. Access to an amazing library system- l learned that you can get tickets to events and places like the museums for free. That's aside from the magazines, books, and all the other cool library programs.

2. The slice of life writing community- I almost have 400 blog posts and it's still fun to write. It’s the community that makes it so.

1. Writing my this blog by hand today trying out the apple pen. It's a cool way to publish.  I saw my daughter using the pen and thought I would try it. There are still a few kinks to work out but it does recognize my cursive handwriting.

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