Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break To-Do

1. Read
2. Workout
3. Slice
4. Hang out with my daughter
5. Pick strawberries
6. Camp in a yurt
7. Spring hop
8. Move at a slower pace
9. Play trivia
10. Work just a little


  1. I say get rid of number 10! :) I'm envious that you'll get to camp in a yurt - I hope the weather will cooperate for you. Enjoy your spring break!

  2. I want to stay in a yurt! Have fun!!

  3. It's already strawberry picking time down there? Lucky you! (They don't come in up here 'til very late May/early June.)

  4. In Florida we are able to pck strawberries from December to May. After that it's really too hot to grow anything here.

  5. I did a spring break list today too! I wonder if New York will ever have a spring this year? Enjoy!


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