Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday!  In honor of her birthday, I am slicing about her influence on my life, not the part that makes me crazy, but the part that makes me proud.

The value of education was always a constant in my house.  My parents sacrificed raising a family together so that my mom could go to college when I was 10, a college in a city that was 3 hours away from our home. She took my four-year old sister and my eight-year old brother and I stayed with my dad. We would visit on weekends and stayed with her during the summer.

Both my parents didn't earn a college degree until after they had kids.  My mom started going to back to college after my sister was born by starting at a community college. She eventually earned a scholarship to go to Florida State. Her goal was to earn her bachelor's degree in home economics and become a teacher. My mom and dad even graduated on the same day. I can't remember too clearly whose we skipped, but I think it was hers. We would eventually go to her master's degree graduation ceremony.

My mom never ended up teaching other people's kids. My dad's quadruple by-pass warranted a shift in her career before it even started.  She began doing taxes and accounting with him in the business he started as a third job while in the Navy.

As a mom of one now, I realize how hard that must have been going to school and raising a family. Her example although unconventional and crazy at times makes me proud.

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