Friday, March 15, 2013

Fortunately Friday

Today's slice is an homage to Remy Charlip's book Fortunately.

Fortunately it is Friday.
Unfortunately I have papers to grade.
Fortunately I have two days to do it.
Unfortunately I have a full weekend.
Fortunately I don't have to get up early on Saturday.
Unfortunately I will still wake up early anyway.
Fortunately I will use my time wisely.
Unfortunately I still won't grade those papers.
Fortunately they will keep until Sunday.
Unfortunately I have to meet with my co-workers on Saturday.
Fortunately I will be at chocolate-making party with them.
Unfortunately I am a Type 1 diabetic.
Fortunately I can have a small piece.
Unfortunately I will have to give away the rest to my friends.
Fortunately I will make people happy.
Unfortunately I will still have to grade.
Fortunately Sunday will still be left.
Unfortunately I will be too tired to do so.
Fortunately I won't be too tired to watch The Walking Dead.
Unfortunately I will still have to get those papers done.
Fortunately I will get it done before midnight.
Unfortunately I get up at 5.
Fortunately I have a full week planned.
Unfortunately it will fly by fast.
Fortunately it is a four-day week.
Unfortunately grades are due.
Fortunately I graded those papers on Sunday.
Unfortunately the gradebook system will be slow.
Fortunately I know the secret trick.
Unfortunately so does everyone else.
Fortunately it will be Friday again and spring break too.


  1. Perhaps you could arrange for a trade? Some of your chocolate for anyone that will grade the papers? lol :)

  2. This was so much fun to read! I will have to look for this book and try this format with my sixth graders - they will love it.

  3. Fun poem! Enjoy your Spring Break...Friday will be here before you know it!

  4. You made me chuckle! Great humor. I loved the twisted and turns. Especially everytime those ungraded papers kept popping up. I have those too and don't know why I even drag may bag home everyday---Fortunately, I get some excerise!
    I have never read your cute mentor text--but I think I need to own it--It helps us see the bright side to everything. Good Luck & enjoy your 4 day week!!! yeah!!!

  5. Love it. In this house, that book has favorite status!


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