Saturday, March 2, 2013

SOLC 2/31: Stride for Pride Part Deaux

Last year I began training a little more seriously for running.  I really hate running because I love the camaraderie of team sports.  I train with people, but on race day I've found myself on my own in my head even with people at my side.  I would rather run with someone for something rather than for the solitude and inner joy than some people say running brings.  Today we did run for something and someone, we ran a 5 k as a family, my family of three plus my work family.  The Stride for Pride is a race that celebrates the life of one of our students, Zaryn, who passed away last year.  His grandfather, mom, dad, and cousin work at my school. His sister goes there as well.  The race is small but it raises money for a scholarship fund.  It brings a community together.

Around one hundred students, teachers, and community members gathered around the starting line. I brought my husband and daughter with me. My husband ran the 5 k well ahead of us and stopped for coffee at the 7-11 and still beat me by at least 10-15 minutes.  My 9 year old daughter attempted to run it with me.  She did great. She is pretty active, most recently doing 9 mile bike ride with only 1 fall; she has been hiking with me since she was born. Today was here first 5K. We ended up walking more than running. She also ended up taking a short cut. We had some quality time where I answered her questions about what would be the best site to stay for the zombie apocalypse.  Aside from enjoying my time with her and the movement, I realized how much I have learned this year about myself and running\moving with diabetes.

Last year I was afraid and now I have a better understanding of what to do, how to handle myself, and what to pack.  You can't go to class to learn everything you need to know in the real world. I test while I walk. I carry my phone. I always have fast-acting sugar.  I don't always do this well, but lately I haven't let it stop me from moving.  Over the past year I have been able to pushing myself harder.  I do know that I still always must be mindful.  People who have managed this disease longer have surprises. Scott Johnson's post I Passed Out on January 1 was an important reminder of what can sneak up on you.

What I have learned since I did the Stride for Pride run  is that I can be more and do more than let this disease define me.  Finishing a half-marathon and this 5K today without any surprises .  I still don't like running.  I love the the camaraderie and the physiological benefits it brings as well as the strength of mind and confidence it has led me to develop about managing a sporty life as a T1.


  1. Go, Beth, go! You are strong! I love that you don't let the disease stop or define you--you have the power, not it. Inspire on!

  2. I appreciate you slicing about this. I didn't know that some people with diabetes have to take extra measures to be able to do exercise. I feel better aware.

    1. People who take insulin, especially Type 1 diabetics like myself, have to be aware of lows they might have which if left untreated are extremely dangerous.

  3. Congratulations! I keep thinking about running, so far that's all I've done though. You're out there, hitting the pavement and moving forward despite the obstacles that might have stopped you!

  4. Congratulations on your run! You are inspiration to people like me, who don't have diabetes and just need to get moving! I walk two or three miles with my dog every day, but need to move a little faster too!

  5. Congrats! So inspired by your half marathon finish. I began running a year ago and plan to blog about it this month. Your family might enjoy running The Color Run...very fun family activity and benefits local charities.

  6. Congratulations on completing a marathon! You look so very happy on your photo :) As Deb Gaby mentions The Color Run is meant to be lots of fun - I'd like to do that one! I tried running, but I prefer walking uphill - I get shin splints when I run. . .I'm in awe of the people that can run and run for fun :)

  7. The color run is fun and you can walk it! Thanks for stopping by!


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