Friday, March 8, 2013

Slice 8: 50 Impossible Things Before Noon

Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast is a short story collection by Jane Yolen. When I think about my job as reading coach, I thought about 50 Impossible Things To Accomplish Before Noon since school ends at 2:11.   Really it is an attempt to explain my job to people outside of the field of education as well I also have to create a portfolio for my work this year so I thought could use this to start thinking what I need to feature:

  1. Lead a team to implement a reading plan for the 3200 students.
  2. Oversee and place\monitor 1200 students in reading classes.
  3. Work side by side by teachers in their classrooms.
  4. Florida Teens Read Classroom library
  5. Promote the love of reading
  6. Bulletin Boards
  7. Book Talks
  8. Family Literacy Night
  9. Talk to random students about books
  10. Put the right book into kids hands
  11. Monthly Chat & Chew
  12. Celebrate Literacy Week
  13. Million Minute Marathon
  14. Read Posters
  15. Work with teachers to integrate reading into their classrooms 200
  16. Support and work with 11 reading teachers.
  17. Create a reading focus calendar that makes sense.
  18. Testing--Approxiamately 6000 tests will be given during the 4th nine weeks not including all the progress monitoring tests that were given during the 1st-3rd nine weeks.
  19. Cella
  20. Reading Benchmark
  21. E-Pat Testing Tutorial
  22. FAIR testing
  23. EOC exams
  24. DAR 
  25. Facilitate lesson study
  26. Listen to administrators, teachers, and students.
  27. Coach a teacher through a lesson design or observation.
  28. Troubleshoot technology issues.
  29. Share effective articles for teacher to use with their students
  30. Family Literacy Council
  31. Reading Section of School Improvement Plan
  32. Text Complexity Training
  33. Black Belt Team for CCSS ELA
  34. Register students for ACT
  35. Counsel students
  36. ACHIEVE 3000 pilot
  37. Cultural Responsive Pilot Study
  38. Fuel Up to Play 60
  39. Oversee and place service learning students.
  40. Train leadership team.
  41. Freshman Intervention
  42. Order books
  43. Facilitate Marzano Book Study
  44. Coach teachers through deliberate practice
  45. Be a role model as a teacher, reader, and learner.
  46. Coach teacher-leaders.
  47. Write grants.
  48. IMS Champion
  49. Encourage and help teachers overcome obstacles.
  50. Keep the focus on what matters most for kids.
When I am on the move at work, it is hard to keep up with me.  My ultimate goal as a reading coach is to promote the love of reading while cultivating tenacious readers.  All of these and many other tasks are pieces of that intricate puzzle.  Today it involved testing, Skyping with Jonathon Maberry with a little Marzano and ACT mixed together. The only routine is the swiftly moving river of work.  


  1. Wow! You are quite busy, indeed. My guess is that when 2:11 p.m. comes along, you are both energized and exhausted.

  2. Whoa!! I don't think people would equate all this busyness with any job title that has "reading" in it!

  3. "The only routine is the swiftly moving river of work." So well said. Do you ever just look at your list and find yourself amazed at all you accomplish? When I start to feel overwhelmed about all there is to do, I stop making "to do" lists and start making "today I accomplished" lists. It helps put everything in perspective. Keep your life jacket on as you travel down the river.


  4. Holy cow! What a list! I'll bet you are tired when you go home at the end of the day!

  5. Whoa! Your river is actually a crashing tidal wave! Here's to keeping your head above water. *throwing a life-saver ring* :)

  6. Wow! And you teach at UCF, and you're a mom! That's an incredible amount of things. I like Cathy's comment about making "today I accomplished" lists - great view of a busy day.


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