Saturday, March 9, 2013

Slice 9: Perspective

Life is hard. Teaching is hard. Writing is hard.  Imagine writing with only your right thumb on your I-Phone and the culmination of that writing is an 89,000 word book.  Is writing really that hard? This morning on my way to Camp Gladiator I was moved to tears by the interview on NPR this morning with Susan Spencer-Wendel, a woman who was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gerig's disease at age 44 in 2011.  She was formerly an award winning courts reporter for the Palm Beach Post.  After her diagnosis she adventured.  Her journey is captured in her just-released book Until I Say Good-bye. 

 Her last words in the interview,  "My pat answer is as well as can be mind becomes mightier and more quiet, you do indeed hear more in the silence" resonate loudly with me.  Life is hard. Teaching is hard. Writing is hard.  The hardest, but most important part is keeping it all in perspective. Listening for 6 minutes and 35 seconds helped me keep that perspective.


  1. Your piece serves as a reminder that realities differ and to remain ever grateful. Effective writing evokes an emotional response. You have done that with these well chosen words.

  2. I am also a huge fan of NPR. I begin listening to something and I suddenly I'm hooked. I will find this piece too.

  3. I love NPR. When my kids were little they grumbled, they wanted their music. Now they both listen in their own car. Favorite NPR memory, when I heard a story in the car and called my sister to ask "are you listening to NPR?" "Turn it on!"

  4. Powerful piece, Beth. So much is more important than what we think we struggle with--I'm going to go listen to the story now. Did you already get the book? Sounds like a birthday present possibility (for your birthday, I mean!).


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