Friday, March 1, 2013

Slice 1 of 31: Challenge

I love challenges. I don't necessarily love writing, but the Slice of Life Challenge lets me blend both together. Can I really write for 31 days straight?  This year I start off with the knowledge that I can because I did it last year.  Whenever you embark on something for the first time, the uncertainty always lingers.  It's like a road trip to somewhere you've never been.  Once you've been there once, the journey seems so much shorter.   Some nights I didn't post until 11:50 pm.  But I did make it and comment on three people for the entire month.  I even won a cool prize! Though it wasn't about the prize.

Last year it was a personal journey full of questions. Could I balance a little writing each day with work and life?  What does it mean to participate in a digital writing community? What does it mean to create a digital footprint?  How do you grow as a writer?  This year I will continue to explore those questions as well as write side-by-side with some of my graduate students. After doing a tiny Slice challenge with ninth graders for ten days last year in May, I added an open-ended digital writing project to my syllabus for graduate students s.  Part of my journey will be working with those students and dealing with the questions that arise as I read their work.  I already have some brewing!

I am also encouraging my nine-year old daughter to write with me each day. Last year as I sliced, she became more and more interested in writing and kept nagging me for a blog.  We created one and this month I hope to nurture her more as a writer. We already read side-by-side and the slice will give us an opportunity to write side-by-side.  If you are new to the challenge, welcome! If not, I am excited to slice with you again!


  1. How wonderful that you created a writing blog with your daughter!

    1. Thanks for responding! We will see how it goes!

  2. This is my second year also! Like you I am so excited to write, get to read others slices and make some memories. I love the idea of your daughter joining you.

  3. The best thing about this is blogging with your daughter. How cool is that? Is she slicing too? This is my 3rd year in the challenge. I think I'm more excited about this year than I was last year. I certainly feel like I have more energy for it (although we'll see as the month goes on).

    Good luck to you this year. Happy slicing!

  4. It is going to be a fun month of writing! I'd like to share your daughter's blog address with her "brother" : ) perhaps they would enjoy seeing each other's posts. Are you going to do a round up of your students' slices?

  5. I am not going to round up their slices. It seems like an additional step. I am going to follow them from here.


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