Tuesday, March 12, 2013

January DSMA Thinking In March

In January the Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA) blog carnival posed the question, "What are you striving for?"  Two months later I have an answer to that question, a little late of course.  I am striving to break 7.  After meeting with my amazing PA where we celebrated my completion of a half marathon and he encouraged me to do another one sooner than later, my A1C results revealed that nothing changed.  I maintained.  I didn't get worse.  I maintained, which is positive.  But I am positively not where I need or want to be.  All of the other numbers are gorgeous, but I know in the recesses of my mind that if I don't fix that one number, all of the other numbers won't really matter so much in the long wrong.

After cultivating an exercise habit including cardio, interval training, and weights, I am still striving for to come under 7. An ultimate struggle.  For the past three nights in a row, I have had an awesome dinner exactly what the nutritionist prescribes and a sit-down with my daughter.  It also translates to no working out.  This week is my gladiator off-week, which is great. I needed it. I am teaching for a colleague all week in the morning and I have my formal observation. It a more stressful week than normal.  Who am I fooling? In this profession, stress is the norm, but what I are really striving for is the next big change that will help me come under 7. which overseeing my food intake more strictly will help me break through.

Making time to keep a food diary is the first most important basic step. We know that is the fundamental step in any food plan.  The frustrating part to me is that every time I make a food change, I have a series of lows where I end up over-treating and panic eating as someone described in a blog earlier this month, "the entire week's worth of Weight Watcher's points." Trust me, it becomes this vicious cycle for me.

My next step is to get  my husband attend a diabetic nutrition class with me. I could use a review and he could use some education in this area.  Don't get me wrong! He does a great job making breakfast and lunch for me every day! To hear me complain at lunch you wouldn't think so.  But even so, when I first got diagnosed, he didn't attend the class with me.  He tries really hard, but sometimes he doesn't quite get it right.  A no-carb lunch isn't what the doctor ordered.   To really have his full support managing this issue, I need him to be a little better educated.

BTW---When I went to the diabetes nutrition class, all of the men with diabetes brought their wives.  All the women with diabetes came alone.  Maybe just an anomaly but that is what I noticed. Has anyone else had this experience?

My last step is to be more mindful. It is really easy getting sucked up into the work.  Sometimes I feel like the most wanted person on campus.  I need to take care, eat lunch, and pay attention.  I have two steps managed and I think this is the third and final step to help me get there.


  1. These sound like some great goals, and it sounds like you have some great steps planned to get there!! Good for you!


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