Saturday, March 12, 2022

Spring Into Saturday: The Everglades

 One Saturday drive that’s worth taking is a trip to the Everglades. 

It’s a perfect time of year to check out the rookeries and enjoy the sea of grass. There are 6 visitor centers. We drove to the Gulf Coast Center and then to the Chokoloskee Island also host to the gateway of the 10000 islands. There we went to the Smallwood Museum that sits in the edge of the Everglades and served as a trading post then a general store and now

a National Historic site-museum.

Although this way we didn’t do any sloughing, this is a great activity to immerse yourself into the Everglades. There is also the Florida panther wildlife refuge along the roads to get there. I suggest taking the back roads to get there and just meander down taking in the sites of disappearing wild of Florida. 

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