Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Favorite Things

Favorite Things or How I Have Been Keeping It Together Lately

Ascics Gel Nimbus-Walking in these running shoes. I seem to have a few pair on hand at all times. I love to wear them to work when I know I will be putting on the miles and I love to wear them working out.  I only like to keep two pairs on hand, because I hate shoe clutter.  

Bodum milk frother/heater has been a morning game changer. UPSIDE- save money & ease of use DOWNSIDE- cleaning

Crushed Ice- Did you know that you can buy bags of crushed ice from Sonic?  

Eggs my favorite scrambled for dinner, on a hamburger for lunch or over easy/poached for breakfast.  The most versatile food that I can whip up at any time in any way.

Going to a new restaurant- what I love about Orlando is the diversity of our food culture. (My Friday posts will feature some of these outings picking up takeout. 

Hanging out or going on an adventure with our kid. Most recently with her -padding in Bissel Bay. More to come about this adventure. 

Ice cream- To be fair, I am a chip monster, but what I will miss most next year are the ice cream trips with my kid.  I've been making the most of it with her by checking out the new places.

Kayaking/paddle boarding down a spring-fed river, the lake or the intercostal.  I recently bought my daughter an inflatable paddleboard. I'll be buying one for myself. Floating helps me disconnect.

One a day-I decided to read a poem a day in 2022, because it's a gap for me. Look for a post on a Monday about the collections I've been reading or will be reading. 

Playing disc golf- I saved this hobby for my old age because I can't really run and play ultimate Frisbee any more, but I do love playing rounds with my bf and my husband.  Right before sunset is my favorite time.  When I can't throw anymore, I'll take up birdwatching. 

Reconnecting with old friends and colleagues. Love the people in your life who you reconnect with easily regardless of your time apart.  

Watching water polo- really a game I knew nothing about four years ago until my daughter started playing and it's one of the most exciting live games to watch. It ousted boy volleyball from my number one.  

eXercising at outdoors preferably with a blend of weights and cardio.

Yoga class-outdoors preferably- if you are ever in Orlando I suggest attending Yoga in Lake Eola Park or any other session hosted by Miriam Reh. 


  1. What an awesome topic to write about! I also love to paddleboard and disconnect. Sadly, I live up in New Hampshire and have to settle for snowmobiling. However, my daydreams are focused on summer and all that it brings.

  2. The people I work with have turned me on to Sonic ice! I took just found out you can buy it by the bag! Sounds like you're making awesome memories with your daughter.

  3. I'm inspired to try this for one of my slices. It made me realize that reflective moments for myself are needed, especially these days!

  4. I love the title!! Self-care is so important -- your list gives me lots of ideas for gifts and adventures. Hey, I need your Asics supplier for Mom : )


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