Thursday, March 3, 2016

Writing Side-By-Side

My daughter had writing homework tonight. It was the kind of homework I like.  Something she can do without the help of her parents or teacher and it doesn't take forever.  We could talk for days about the pros and cons for homework and examine the research.  But instead I wrote beside her.  She had to complete a writing frame poem about changes, a then and now poem that you may have assigned to kids yourself. She is in sixth grade; she turned 12 last week.  She didn't give me permission to share her poem, but  here is mine:


That was me then; this is me now.
Last year I was 44;
now I am 45.
I used to enjoy being on the go, go, go;
now I like down days.
I used to believe that I wasn't a big car driver and loved my Honda Fit;
now I love my mom-mobile CRV with heated seats.
I used to be confused by how to use Microsoft ACCESS;
now I am still confused, but have more of an urgency to learn it.
Last year I focused fitness goal of competing in CG Games;
now I honing my laser-like focus vision on my A1C goal.
Last year I hoped that chips would be carb-free;
now I still hold that same desire.
This year I continue to find joy in each day.
That was me then; this is me now.

When you are stuck with what to write about this month, just search for inspiration.  You never know where you will find it.  Like tonight after searching writing prompts, I finally found it in my daughter's homework.


  1. Then amd now... Love that you wrote with her!

  2. When we write, we change. When we read, we change. We also change the texts we read and write!


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