Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Seven

My accountability partner, Jen !
7. A Sunday morning run\walk accountability partner, Jen, who doesn't mind splashing in the rain.  We spent plenty of time doing that today! Morning miles recorded already today!

6. Preparing and enjoying a family meal with my co-workers and friends.  Full of both fun and learning about different food, sanchocho. It was Lisa's mother's recipe.  Think of it a version of beef stew.  Many hands made the work light. My daughter also learned how to make monfongo.

5. Surviving facilitating digital training for teachers...aka what they did on their teacher new reminders---details matter as do flexibility and tenacity for all involved!  I believe this will be a recurrent gratitude as our high school of approximately 3200 students go 1:1 next fall.

4. Finalizing summer plans---art camp for my daughter, Elkmont for our family, and spring day Fridays.

3. Being ahead in my reading for the AEW committee, a first.

2. My daughter made the track team.

1. It's actually spring break!


  1. Congrats on starting Spring Break and your daughter making the track team. What a week. I hope you get caught up with your readings.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter making the track team. My son ran track and it was great for him to set goals and reach - as well as form special bonds with those on his team. Yay for spring break. I have one more week.

  3. Hooray for spring break and surviving the day of training. "details matter as do flexibility and tenacity for all involved" rings true for me when dealing with tech.

  4. Yay, Hope! And wait! I didn't see the Lake Champlain area in your summer plans...?! :D

  5. Beth, maybe we need a girl trip to Lake Champlain! I'll drive : ) I can't wait to hear more about the cooking and digital day. Way tompersist in the rain with morning miles.


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