Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Break Resolutions!

Rainbow Springs
Technically spring break will start at 3:30 tomorrow.  Since the students are already gone and it's a teacher work day, I can pretend that I am almost there.  I don't make New Year's resolutions, but I do make spring break ones. I am never ready to make them in January. It seems like I am destined to not reach them.  With the gorgeous weather and spring break, it's an ideal time to start them.

Here are my top ten:

10. Finish our income tax.  Get it at least extension-proof.
9.   Spend at least 48 hours away from technology. I will be able to reach this goal aside for doing my slice posts when I camp at Juniper Springs.
8.  Swim each day!
7.  Enjoy time with my family.
6.  Work out each day.  Really work on my burpees since I have 46 birthday burpees coming up in the next month and last year I was able to do 45 in 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Get out with my kid and have her run for track each day.
5. Read one professional book. I have several in my TBR pile and of course another one, Power Up, that I really want to buy.
4.  Get ahead in my slice posts and perhaps some other writing.
3.  Clean my house including.
2. Binge watch some movies and shows.  Suggestions welcome!
1.  Slow down!

What are your spring break plans? For my readers who aren't teachers, what will you do one fabulous spring day?


  1. Oh I am stealing this format for tomorrow. Thank you!!! We share at least two of the ideas!

  2. Looks like you have lots of great stuff on your agenda! Hope you have a terrific time!

  3. I was worried when I saw your title Spring Break Resolutions since break and resolutions seem to be words that oppose each other. I was relived to see wonderful resolutions like: binge watch some movies and shows and slow down. I hope you'll be successful for sure on those two!

  4. What a fun post. I agree with Michelle Haseltine that this is a great format. I, too, think I'll steal your idea. I think you saved the best for last, "Slow down!"

  5. I can't wait to see pictures from the Juniper Camp Grounds! That is such a gorgeous place. Happy, happy spring break!


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