Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Eye-Spy: Love & The Fountain of Youth

Wednesdays are long for me. They are the shortest instructional day for kids, but my longest working day. I like to do a variation of Wordless Wednesdays which is my Eye-Spy post. I share images from my weekly treks into nature. Florida spring brings bountiful flocks of birds, blooming flowers, and forays to any of the 500 springs in Florida.  

We went to Silver Glen Springs on Saturday for my daughter's birthday.  We had the spring mostly to ourselves.  Come here on a summer day and the entire spring will be filled to the brim with people. A spring day brings a quiet pool filled with our laughter and splashes, our own private pool. This day we just missed a momma manatee and her babe. The weather, however, was beautiful. The water, 72 degrees, and the air, 68, which meant is was a perfect day to swim and then picnic on the lawn in the Silver Glen basin.  A short trek into the woods takes you see the boils which are baby springs.

Silver Glen Springs, Altoona, Florida

A second trip early this February was at the Wildlife Drive at the Canaveral National Seashore. I am a dilettante as a birder since my best friend is a serious birder.  Therefore I can recognize some birds in the wild.  We have flocks and flocks spending time here right now.  I was lucky enough to capture these two Roseate Spoonbills together at the at the National Seashore. I tend to think anthropomorphically about these two as lovebirds. They still were fun to watch as they foraged for lunch.

Keep your eyes peeled this week for your moments of wild!


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  1. That is a gorgeous shot of Silver Glen! Amazing to have that beautiful spot to yourselves. I will be on the lookout for my wild--love that line.


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