Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Hopping

Silver Glen, an unusual salt water spring.
I technically have 3 hobbies that I am most passionate about, reading, ultimate frisbee, and spring hopping.  Spring hopping is a term that my friend Mary coined several years ago as we planned to go to a different spring every week during our summer vacation.  We actually did hop into about 7 different springs on one of those summer days.   My energy to reach such lofty goals has dwindled, but not my passion for one of Florida's best kept secrets, the over 600 springs that dot the interior landscape here. 

Springs never fail to bring you 70 degree water and a relaxing day in the sun . In fact, when it is cold here by Florida standards, springs are almost more preferable to swim, with the temperature differential between the air and the water almost nil. When it is a hot summer day, nothing keeps the heat at bay better than a one hop.

My first experience was at Ginnie Springs, outside of Gainesville Florida in the early nineties.  In my recent travels back to Ginnie Springs, I realized that this spring was more for cave diving creatures or college age crowd.  While tubing down the Sante Fe River between springs, my idyllic memories of days spent here where shattered by the waterproof boom box that had been fashioned out of a cooler.  Spring for me are about disconnecting with technology and reconnecting with nature.  Each spring has its unique characteristics and rules. It is always best to review them before you go.  Here are few of my favorites:
Spring break happens in two weeks.  If I were in charge of the school calendar, I would schedule the entire spring off rather than the summer when it is too hot to go outside.  Now the weather is  ideal and you will perhaps find me hopping in a few springs on my to-see list, Wakulla Springs and Fanning Springs, or perhaps dipping into a few of my favorites.  Remember you only need a suit, a towel, and enough courage to take your first dip.


  1. Spring hopping sounds like so much fun! I agree, in Florida, summer must be unbearable. Springs off would make for a lot more outdoor time. :)

  2. Thanks for the list; love reviews:)! For someone spoiled by the warm waters of the Caribbean, it takes double courage to take the first dip!


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