Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Countdown to Spring Break!

Spring Break 2010, Bahia Honda

We know them the instant that we see them, the snowbirds. My husband works in the hotel business and his work ebbs and flows with the tide of visitors to the Sunshine State. In nine days, my spring break will officially begin. But the spring breakers are already here enjoying their time in the sun. I am looking forward this break as I do every year. It is not an entirely work-free week for me, but I get a chance to move at a slower pace. But before I can do so, over the next nine days I have to

Thursday:  Present to the Reading Task Force
Friday:  Call parents
Saturday: Spend 5 hours training the best reading teachers in the world to me
Sunday:  Write my Reflection for my Evaluation
Monday: Host Academic Intervention with Students
Tuesday: Coordinate Family Literacy Night (16 sessions, hopefully 350 people)
Wednesday:  Finish my Grades
Thursday:  Hunger Games movie release party
Friday:  Host & Evaluate a Full Scale Emergency Exercise

All of these events include managing my regular work week cultivating lifelong readers and writers and future teachers. Luckily, I have many collegues and good friends who will be as exhausted and as excited doing the work with me to make our school a great place for kids. I can't wait to write about each of them in the thoughtful way they deserve, but tonight, here's my slice, a quickwrite.  In the meantime, I will continue to try to find balance. 

The countdown begins!


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