Wednesday, March 21, 2018


 1. Normally I post images from nature, but I know that with the extreme weather conditions up North this new post-it, Extreme Notes, is especially exciting!  For rough, wet hot, or cold times that you have to use your post-its, you finally can make the write choice.  It is almost as exciting as the Post-it Treasure Chest I purchase each year.  Extreme Post-its are for the wild. I did refrain from this purchase, but have it on my post-it wish list.

2. I am not sure what type of flowers these are, but the spotted-insides are what drew my eye.  Enjoy Florida spring. I always love the intensity of the flowers up North in the summer, but I do appreciate the flowers of spring in Florida.  These were in a container garden at Lake Eola Park.

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  1. What beautiful flowers! We are still a couple of months away from blooms here... It's a good thing I haven't seen that Post-It display. I have a weakness for them. Mark of a teacher, eh?


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