Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kintsugi: 8 Things I Know for Sure

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold. I'd fix my broken pottery with bronze, not as precious as gold, but bronze and pottery are traditional 8th anniversary gifts.  My choice makes sense as I celebrated my 8th Diaversary this past weekend. I've written about this day before, my life sentence, my celebrations large and small and my why of seeking six.  Ultimately there are eight things I've learned since my diagnosis that matter most.

8.  If you are traveling with small children, make sure you put your oxygen mask on first.  Just like we are reminded before each airplane takeoff, to put ourselves before others so we can better help them.  Truth be told, I'm still working hard on this.

7.  Exercise is my daily prescription, sadly not subsidized by health insurance.  Working out each day allows me to take 10 units less of insulin.  In the long run, it's better for the body and the mind and will pay off fiscally and physically.

6.  Stress Kills!  It certainly kills your blood glucose even when you have done everything else right. Unlike you mortals with a functioning pancreas, I have the luxury of seeing my physiological response to stress every five minutes.  I also, however, have a choice each and every day to determine my response. Most days are stressful when you are adulting.  I, alone, am responsible for choosing my perspective wisely.

5.  Make space and time to play.  A big change! My resolution this past year was to spend each Saturday as if it were a summer day.  Still working on it.

4.  Avoid the drama! It's never really about you.

3.  Organize, Organize, Organize.  Keep your supplies in stock and have them where you need them, which basically means in every odd place you spend time.

2.  Nothing gets easier. It just becomes more manageable.

1.  There will never be enough time in the day. Learn when to walk away.


  1. Amen, sister! I love the growth I can see in this post -- the subtle shifts in your thinking about the disease and how you manage it. You are so strong and so smart. I love that you share your learning with all of us.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I really need to work on the last one: walking away. I will take this advice and do that now. Love your pic too. It reminds us to relax, have fun and enjoy life, which is sometimes easy to forget.

  3. Such wise words we can all live by! Love the idea about spending every Saturday like it was a summer day.


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