Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Slice for 2013: OWL Reflection

This year my word was brave...

One thing I know for sure is that bravery shows up in unexpected places...
My word took me to many places. I chose it knowing that many changes were in store for me in 2013, little did I know how many were actually in store.  The fall
was my most challenging, both professionally and personally.  You know you are in a rough place at work when you are counting the days that you haven't cried and you realize that there are less of those than the other.  My one little word project also ended up being a study of bravery in others such as my new principal braving the demands of our school or my aunt braving her battle with leukemia.

I have also marked small acts of bravery by
  • completing my 1st half marathon
  • jumping off the 30 ft platform into the spring
  • committing fully to my ACL recovery and not doing anything stupid
  • publishing for the 1st time

I have not quite figured out my one little word for next year, but am looking forward to the unexpected journey that one word will take me.

Books with fictional brave women that I have enjoyed reading this year...



  1. If I am really honest, I hesitate to choose my OLW, because I know that somehow I will be called to live that word for a whole year. It sounds like that was definitely true for you. Sounds like there were times that called for a little bravery, like jumping off a 30 foot platform, and times that called for a lot, like struggling in your job. And I love that you linked your word to your reading. Here's to a terrific 2014!

  2. Your word was courageous and brought you a lot of strength. I'm so impressed with your accomplishments, and I love how your reading life supported you along the way. Hoping next year's word brings you a wonderful journey.

  3. I think "brave" is part of you, not just for one year, but truly a part of you. There is no way I would ever jump from anywhere that high (even when I can't wait for spring). Maybe courage joined your brave this year to help bring in a new and better 2014!

  4. I love that you included your reading selections. I want to think about the reading I did this year and how it related to my word - and see the connections I make as I read into the next year.

  5. Seems like a lot of Slicers are mulling over their word for 2014. It's a great exercise even if it didn't gel for me. Good luck and Happy New Year,

  6. Hi Beth. I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. I chose people who were either new to blogging or new to me. Please do not feel pressured to participate. It is just a fun way for us to get know other bloggers. You can go to my blog to read more about it.


    1. Thanks Leigh Anne! I am working on my response!


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