Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Monday! What R U Rdg? Sci-Fi & Mystery

Inspired by  Sheila's work, but
appropriate for younger readers
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You won't always love the books that you read, but someone else might, which is what I said  after I finished UnRemembered by Jessica Brody.  I might also be burned out on science fiction, but I can think of a few students who would like this book.  The premise is interesting. A plane wrecks and the only survivor is a girl, Seraphina, who remembers nothing.  Not only is it a story of discovery, but it quickly turns into a journey of survival. It is also a trilogy and I love to put series or trilogies into students' hands.  If you are teaching in a STEM program, it might also be appropriate for students there considering the topics of time travel and the line between human and robot.  Now that I am thinking about it, UnRemembered raises great questions about the intersection of humanity and technology.  For these reasons, you might pick up UnRemembered for your students when it comes out in March. It would be appropriate for readers in seventh, eighth, and ninth grade.

This week I also finished Meg Cabot's Size 12 and Ready to Rock.  Heather Wells, a former teen pop star, is now enrolled in college and serves as a residence hall director.  Another job she accidentally falls into is solving mysteries. Yes, this Meg Cabot wrote The Princess Diary series.  She also has written four books in the Heather Wells' mystery series.  I would put these into the hands of older high school students since the story is set at a college.  This book is not too adult, but pure fun.  Since students generally like to read books about people a little older than them, this series fits the bills for girls who are juniors and senior as well as adults who like to read mysteries, perhaps fans of Janet Evanovich's mysteries. If you want a break from ya or serious reading, the Heather Wells mystery is just one of the adult series books that Meg Cabot writes.  Perfect for summer beach reading!


  1. Size 12 seems like a good YA read.. :) I might just pick it up..and I have a few friends who are looking for reads for their high-school age kids and this sounds good for them

    1. It might fit the bill! I am always looking for adult fiction that will meet the needs of my older teens.

  2. I have to say, I really avoid plane wreck stories, and you actually said you didn't love Unremembered, but you made it sound so good I'm interested. :) Fortunately, I don't have it, so if the library doesn't have it, I'm going to just say it wasn't meant to be (I shouldn't read plane wreck stories).


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