Friday, May 18, 2012

What You Need to Know

I can never escape my reality. NEVER!  That's what people should know. I can't drink it away, eat it away, or run it away.  I never get a personal day, a vacay.  No one with a chronic condition can afford it.  Wearing a pump is awesome because I have some levels of freedom. But I also have the ability to monitor myself every five minutes and can see the immediate effects of life choices.  And they are life choices that I make each moment.  Maybe that's why I confront life head on, I just don't have time to play.

You should also know that:

1. This disease is expensive to manage.
2. Obamacare makes me sleep better at night because I would still be insurable.
3.  I can eat sugar, frankly its about the carbs.
4.  Managing this disease is an art not just a science. (Stolen from Marzano)  Even my endo knows that.
5.  When I tell my medical practitioners about my disease, LADA, I am their teacher.
6.  Most of the time I can manage just fine; the other times I am just pretending that its easy.
7.  Getting out of routine, unplanned random acts of eating or last minute work\events you might want me to do,
     not so good for me.
8.  I won't say yes as often and don't be mad when I don't drop everything for you.
9.  I don't have what your friend, sister or grandparents have.
10.  Sad that it took a disease to help me figure out what is really important.

In spite of it all, I have a joyful life with my family and a community of friends, co-workers, and teammates who put up with me.  Who could ask for more?


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