Sunday, May 20, 2012

My T3 Hero

Who is your hero?  I've celebrated  my community previously in other blogs, but today I am taking time out to celebrate an unsung hero in my life, my husband, my partner in sickness and health.  My favorite definition of partner is either of two people who dance together.  I often joke that I married my husband because he dances. (which is only partially true)   I realized early in life that dancing is an integral component to celebrating life.You don't have to actually dance with me, but you do have to dance.  It is even now more important as he gets ready to dance with my daughter in her recital and as we continue the rest of our life together in this dance with diabetes.

I am not aware of many men who will get up at 5:30 every morning to make their wife breakfast and lunch.He does. I have all these food rules now which he adheres to including a fresh chop, no soggy bread, and no microwaved anything. Miraculously, my hero manages to get me out the door with breakfast and lunch by 6:15 every day for the last two years.  His commitment has made my morning sugars level out.   This matters.  One of many reasons he is my hero.  Now if we could work in a little more dancing, life would just be perfect.

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