Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fantasy Device

A want, a desire, a obvious yearning might be for a closed loop system, but researchers are working on it.  I truly long for dia-athletic clothing, not technically a device. I might be sick, but I can still play.  Last weekend I just put in such a request with my cousin who is will be studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan in the fall.  I asked Kelsey to design some sporting accessories\clothing for pump wearing female athletes like me.  (Proud of you Kelsey for pursuing your dreams!)  
Snorkeling in Alaska

For the female athlete, I would like a sports bra that allows you to wear your pump on your back with a neoprene case or something to protect it.  I have pieced together such a device.  I can't sew, but have enough skills to make it work. If someone could sew it for me, wow, we might have an awesome product. Just wondering who thought that wearing your pump between your breasts in middle of your sports bra was an ideal design?  Have you ever dove for a volleyball? Laid out for a frisbee? The equipment gets in the way. Other bra designs that I have checked out have you put your pump under your arm.  Sounds a little off balance to me.  Have you ever tried running this way? I have. It doesn't work for the long haul.  Right now, I just make do.

Which gets me to my next issue, bathing suits. The sole reason that I picked my Animas Ping was due to the fact that it can stay in water for 24 hours at a certain depth. I haven't had to do that lately, but who knows.  I live in Florida and often joke that I am part mermaid. If I don't spend time in the water at least once a week, my brain begins to shrivel.   In the summer, it's time for spring hopping. I spend at least one day a week in a spring snorkeling or floating in 72 degree water. I spend just as much time in the ocean.  I love body surfing and boogie boarding and this summer after about 20 years may try to pick up surfing again.  I know I complained about the sports bra and having to put your pump between your breasts, but I would like a bathing suit in which I could swim or surf carefree with my pump. 

Certain bathing suits are definitely out. No V-Necks, there is not safe place for the pump. No tankinis---the exposed leash, a dangerous situation.  I love my modest one-piece Speedo with a square neckline, I have one in every color.  The shelf bra and the extra material are perfect for  keeping my pump safe in the water.  But I have some design ideas.  Have you ever tried to gracefully unhook your pump in order to go in and out of the water? We need a fix there.  Did you know that your infusion site can get clogged up with sand in rough water if you take your pump off?  (Yeah, that's what those two pink things are for that come in every box of infusion sets). I would love to surf and swim without being afraid of my pump being lost at sea.  I don't have that peace of mind.  For once, I would love that peace of mind.  I have enough worries while in the water.  What do I do if I go low?  Is my insulin getting hot?  Will someone steal my pump if I leave it on shore?  A million worries circle through my brain.

Call me shallow, but it is all about the work out clothing for me as I head into summer.  While I am waiting for my fantasies to come true, I won't stop living actively.

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