Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Blueberries for the picking in Florida. 
The D-Blog insists upon a reveal today, a reveal of our weaknesses or the flip-side of Tuesday's entry, one thing to improve rather than celebrate.  Wow! Really too many to count here.  I've overcome some small things like leaving my pump at home in the morning or not having the right parts in the right places at the right times.  Lately, I've been working with a nutritionist and a PA to work on my long-term goals or make improvements.

True major obstacle is figuring out how to manage my afternoon food issues.  Breakfast and lunch go well; I eat at 6:30 am and lunch at 10:30 am with both meals prepared for me by my husband. These meals are perfect and my blood sugar response is close to perfect.   I Am Literally Starving by Three, maybe a little hyperbole, but the afternoon is my trouble zone. Maybe it is the variability in my schedule, sometimes meetings, sometimes working out, or sometimes in a car racing somewhere.  When my world is sane and I am not thinking with my stomach, a quick snack (15 carbs) and workout after school temper these issues.  Otherwise, I end up scavenging as my office, classroom or car which are not always set up for the perfect snack.  Sometimes snacks left in those places mysteriously disappear.  Does that happen in all work spaces? Just wondering!

In a perfect world, I know I must eat dinner before six and no eating after 7 and have a planned snack at 2:30 before I am starving. In the real world, I am not as perfect as I want to be.  Fortunately, the first key to solving this problem is recognizing it.  Yeah! I've done that and now you know it too. Another step is getting help.  I have a nutritionist who is working with me to combat these troubling times. She has many suggestions, perhaps the plain Greek yogurt with blueberries and walnuts can turn up more often at snack time rather than at breakfast.  She suggests almond butter and tofu, but a variety of food options isn't really my problem. It is portability and reliability. What can stand the heat in my car all day?  (For example, good for me Justin's classic PB gel packs with crackers).  What can I eat in my car on my marathon 16 hour days heading from one job to the next?  (Fast food not an option!) Where can I hide things to make sure that they are there later or when I need them?

I know I can't make changes without a goal, support, and check-ins aka progress monitoring in the teacher world. I have these in place. The next step is practice and more practice.   If you reading this and have an idea or a suggestion...feel free to help me out! I would certainly love to your advice.


  1. If you get any suggestion can you send them to me as well. :)

  2. You can hide snacks in my room--we can keep them in cupboard underneath or in fridge. I won't eat them and food doesn't disappear from there.


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