Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday: Slice 6

It's Wednesday! I actually napped today! I would still be napping if my urgency to slice hadn't taken over me. Most Wednesday eves I work my second job as a teacher-educator at the University of Central Florida.  It's spring break for us there.  My real spring break happens in two weeks. You know, the one where I get the days off.

I love my class and love to end Wednesday with the three hour class  about teaching writing in middle in high schools. I feel overwhelmingly positive about the future of education when I leave that class. In fact, some of the students are participating in the Slice of Life Writing Challenge this year. Their blogs are in my feed on the right.  This semester I have 45 students not all of them are taking the class because they want to be English teachers in a middle or high school.  Some are elementary education majors, psychology majors, social studies majors and  I've even had music majors. The class is not the largest class that I have taught, but teaching a class this size has taught the most about integrating strategies to get students to talk.

This Wednesday though I could have go to work out, gone shopping or played ultimate, but I napped. I surprised my daughter by picking her up after school.  I commented on slices and finally wrote this. Later I will join two Twitter chats #dsma and #rwworshop at 9 to finish my day, still a full one without class tonight, but a day seemingly off with its absence.

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  1. I still love to take a nap! Sometimes I think we should have a siesta like some of the Latin American countries.


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