Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Wicked Spoon

When I travel, I try to eat at least one memorable meal with good friends. In Chicago, it was The Girl and the Goat. In Vegas, it was The Crooked Spoon, a complete accidental find. I wanted to experience a Vegas buffet. My friends who had been to Vegas before said The Wicked Spoon was nothing like a Vegas buffet and they were right. We wandered into the Cosmpolitan thinking that it was part of the Bellagio. Don't ask me how, but it ended up turning into a fortuitous case of mistaken identity.
Bone Marrow

I don't normally eat at buffets. You end up stuffed with a bunch of food that doesn't taste great. On the my last cruise, I ate in the dining room enjoying the small portion sizes and a better quality of food. The Wicked Spoon buffet was different. I had an opportunity to try food that I would never cook, but might watch others make on TV. I avoided many items on the buffet, items that I might otherwise have access to or might count as frivolous carbs. But I indulged in the main dishes.

Braised Short Rib
That night I tried wild boar, bone marrow, and duck confit. I sampled braised short ribs. I loved the braised ribs and would eat them again. I can say, "Why yes, I've tried wild boar" but isn't that just a fancy name for a pig that lives in the woods? I can also live without bone marrow a rich and decadent dish that had such a weird mouth-feel. And I still don't like duck.

Butternut Squash &
Duck Confit Ravioli
Aside from the unusual food, what made this buffet unlike most buffets were the serving dishes. Items were served in individual tiny portions and miniature dishes. The duck confit was in a single ravioli enveloped in an creamy butternut squash sauce. The braised short ribs were served in a half-cup sized pot with a lid.

The pictures have been taking up space on my phone since November reminding me about the amazing meal and company. When I go back to Vegas to take my husband to see the Cirque show Love, we will definitely stop at the Wicked Spoon. I am now thinking about my upcoming visit to Boston. Any suggestions?


  1. You're brave! I don't know if I could have tried so many new foods at one time! :) But I AM definitely looking forward to Boston!!

  2. I agree with Kelly! You are super brave! Even looking at the pictures makes me feel a teeny bit sick! Not sure when you are going to Boston, but if it's a little warmer, head north to Portsmouth (about an hour) and eat on the water. It's beautiful up there!


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