Sunday, March 24, 2013

Slice 24

Confession! I hate doing my taxes and I don't even do them. My mom does. I could do them myself.  I worked in my family's tax business starting in 3rd grade. I made ten cents an hour filing.  I answered phones, made appointments and eventually did taxes myself.  In college I would go home for spring break and help out in the family business. It was a great way to make money while everyone was out spending it on the beach.

The real reason I hate getting ready to have someone else do my taxes is the weather.  While most people may be snowed in today, we are not. Spring is gorgeous in Florida and it is my favorite time of year. The sun is shining and the weather is amazing, somewhere between 65-75 degrees.  It is our growing season. We have fresh tomatoes, strawberries and citrus.  Most of the produce that I purchase right now is locally grown. By the end of May it will be too hot and our tomatoes and strawberries will be imported from the North.  

I have a radical idea about spring in Florida.  We should have spring off rather than summer when it is too hot to go outside.  Then students might relish the icy indoors that summer brings to Florida.  In order to get to the point of today which is to get organized to do my taxes, I won't even think about the weather.  I will try not to look outside while I gather the paperwork to get my taxes done. There is not a moment more to waste.


  1. Spring in the it must be Florida! Here it is winter in spring..or I refer to it! Good luck with those taxes that you HAVE to pay!

  2. It's still a bit chilly here. I definitely miss the Florida winter and spring! But I did file my taxes last week and didn't feel badly about being inside. :)


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