Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Slice of Life: One Word Reveal

"It’s impossible to execute a creative act without bravery. At the end of your life you’ll point to a delta, a sum total of change that exist in this world because you were alive. The choices we make every day on where we want to put our focus, assets, time and energy ultimately determine the body of work that we build." Todd Henry, Accidental Creative

I want to thank my friend Winter for sharing this quote on Facebook. It summed up what I attempted to do last year with my word, brave and is also pushing me onward with this year's one word, well.  It took much thought to choose my one word well this year, because I loved what brave ended up meaning for me.  I loved it so much, I had a hard time letting it go until I realized that brave is in me.  My explorations, actions, and intentions around the word brave last year taught me that.

Well is the just right word for me this year. When I think about well, words such as wellspring and wellness immediately pop into my head.  Other hyphenated extensions such as -loved, -spoken, -balanced, -conditioned, -disposed, -informed, -intentioned,  -knit, -ordered, -read, -placed, -handled, -grounded and -defined are other well words that speak to me.   My next step will be to narrow down the words and determine my monthly actions and intents. 

Wells provide access to a life source, water, and sometimes you have to dig deep.  I know without care, wells run dry.  I want to get well and be well, because I haven't been lately.  After seven months of rehabbing my knee, I am finally well enough to gradually return to the level of exercise that significantly impacts me, a lesson learned well over the past months.  My level of pre-accident exercise actually was a key component in keeping my A1Cs down a full point.  I  need to do well managing my chronic disease. I want to stay mentally well.  Work was hard in 2013. I personally struggled too. Bravery helped me through as I foresee well will in 2014.  

What's your word?  What do you want to do well this year?


  1. Prayers for wellness. Be brave in 2014!

  2. Create in thought and action and intention a wonderful life filled with health, love, prosperity and physical and spiritual well being!!!!1

  3. Wellness was my word a few years back (and vitality was my word last year). I totally get wanting to focus on your health, especially being diabetic. Your health is so important! I wish you well on your wellness journey this year, Beth.

  4. Beth, well is almost prophetic. You are working towards wellness. This just might turn out to be a monumental year for you! Stay on the course.

  5. Great word! I didn't choose a word for myself last year. I'm going to think for a couple of days and see if something comes to mind.


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