Tuesday, October 8, 2013

OLW: Check-in

Where are you with your word? This month's OLW work is to stop and assess where you are with your project. I started the One Little Word Project in January and am three-quarters of the way through. Some months my intentions and actions were actually completed and others less so! In hindsight, I needed a larger reminder each month and/or a scheduled appointment to contemplate my word, my action and intention. Planning in my life works better.  I have three months left to try this out.

I did indeed brave the possibilities in January while contemplating my word and intentions.  I could have worked more on my actions for February by truly braving the heart although I did so more physically by completing my first half marathon though less family-wise as my original plan was. My March-May intentions, brave the silence, brave the storm, and brave the challenge were work related. I was able to keep my word in sight and use it to guide me through meetings and interactions at work. I did okay.

I chose brave the world for June and little did I realize when I chose my intent in January what braving the world would really come to mean for me.  It meant dealing with a hobbled injured self.  My accident literally changed my entire summer.  I managed and remained steadfast.  My word kept me strong.

I did indeed brave the wild in July both in actions and intentI even got my February assignment done, building a vision board.  My mentor Janet Allen aptly named one of her works, It's Never Too Late and for most things in life including my word that is true. July was my most intentionally active month in pursuit of my word. Perhaps my impending surgery made me more so or the few distractions from work made it easier.

I needed to most remember my word and intent for August and September as I faced many changes in my professional life including a new principal and the installation of two reading programs. Those changes layered with my weekly physical therapy were challenging and overwhelming at times.  I needed to embrace braving the unknown and the adventure more than ever.  Had I kept my intentions in mind, less tears and frustrations might have been kept better in check. Fortunately I still have time to brave the impossible which is my intent for October as well as work intentionally on my November and December actions.

How will you finish of the last quarter of the year?


  1. Oh my, your word seems so big from my point of view, and it has guided you through some really big challenges. It's amazing that one little word can do it. My word for the year is "spark." The beginning of the year was tough and I had trouble keeping my spark. The spark has grown as the year has progressed. I hope it will continue growing.

  2. Love that word. Live it. Own it. It's inspirational. And so are you.


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