Tuesday, August 6, 2013

To Do Lists

I had grand visions of how I wanted to spend my summer.  My visions were doused by my unfortunate accident on the ultimate field right before the last week of school. They were also doused by last minute paid professional development opportunities proffered by my district, 5 online classes and several face-to-face classes. Note: None of these courses were mandatory, but as an instructional leader and teacher-educator in my role as reading coach at my school, participation seemed like professional non-negotiables.

I was side-tracked from my to-dos by work and my injury. I spent several weeks in a chair doing online modules and participating in pd as well as recuperating from surgery by icing and elevating. I wanted to read, write more and work out more, finish my taxes, and disconnect by hiking and camping.  I did read, I did write, I didn't work out and I still haven't done my taxes and I am not sure if I ever truly disconnected. I still have many to-dos, but summer is over.

I still have some days this week.  I spent most of today doing productive work with colleague, Lee Ann, planning a CCSS workshop for English, reading, and world language teachers for pre-planning week. We will be finalized this tonight which is why my post is so late. I need to develop a CCSS workshop for elective teachers at my school and two other workshops.  I will spend most of tomorrow with my new leadership team working on other aspects of pre-planning. The unpaid work this week will make my life easier next week.

While I still have time this week, I will continue to guiltily read books for pleasure while cramming the professional reading that I meant to do all summer.  I will spring hop and head out to the beach. I will do my taxes. And I will start thinking about developing  more realistic expectations or shorter to-do list for next summer.  I am feeling a little a loss of precious summer time as well as eager anticipation for the upcoming school year. How about you?


  1. Doesn't it seem like those "grand visions" are always too good to be true? I'm definitely mourning all the things I didn't quite get to do, and yet it was still a good summer after all. I think I'm feeling just the same mix of loss and excitement as you are!

    P.S. Thanks for leaving my mom a comment! :-)

  2. I love the line...more realistic expectations or shorter to-do list for next summer. The same is true for me. As summer draws to a close, I look at the list of books that I didn't get read and feel a little disappointed that I didn't get it done. At the same time, I had a wonderful summer traveling and visiting with friends and family. On top of that, I'm very excited for the new school year to start. I hope you have a great beginning to your school year!


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