Sunday, April 1, 2012


Generated a tagxedo which captured the big ideas in my blog for this past month
Wow!  Made it through the Slice of Life Challenge!  It wasn't always easy.  The SOLC challenged hosted by the phenomenal women at was an incredible reminder of what it is like to be among a community of writers, just digitally.  I haven't lived that since my time in the National Writing Project at the University of Central Florida over ten years ago when I first meet Lee Ann who encouraged me to do this challenge with her. Having had her by my side in some many ways--parenting, writing, teaching and learning has pushed me professionally and personally. Thanks for that gift, especially bringing back the power of writing to me.

Over the past 31 days I have been thinking about how I sustain this habit. Writing daily is exercising, just for your mind instead of your heart, or maybe a little of both.  Writing is a way of processing life, work, reading, writing, thinking, parenting and just managing.  Writing and sharing my writing has unintended effects, such as inspiring other writers in my life, Jenny, Dale, and my daughter to name a few. 

Participating in the SOLC encouraged me to challenge to my students in May.  They need to feel the power of their words.  Participating made me realize that I need to keep writing.  I profess that I would rather read than write. I know that if I truly want to continue to cultivate writers or teachers of writers, I must keep writing.  Participating reminded me of the challenges that writers face daily.  It is not easy.

Ultimately I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who actually read my blog. Thank you for taking time out of your day to peek into mine.  Just liking, commenting, or stopping by, your visits mattered.  I didn't realize that it would. I had forgotten the power of an audience and the impact that readers have on a writer. It made me want to be better.


  1. Speaking of "inspiring other writers in my life" you'll have to show her: Squirrely's Books & Games. Seems the family squirrel is thinking he'd like to write too. It's been a pleasure writing with you this month, my friend. Love, love, love.

  2. Because of your influence, I am going to continue this challenge and double it. I can't wait to write and read with your kids.

  3. You did a great job! Your blogs were thoughtful, interesting, relevant, and they made me feel like I've seen you recently, rather than 8 months ago. Congratulations on meeting this challenge.

  4. Inspiring in so many ways!!!


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